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Collaborative online individual and group supervision for Oregon prelicensed clinicians and licensed clinicians anywhere who want to improve their skills by feeling more grounded and confident in their interventions so that they can increase the use of self in therapy and better connect and serve their clients.

I am an OBLPCT-approved supervisor. I have experience in community mental health, pre-ACT treatment, OP and IOP, community outreach, residential, and crisis. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults providing individual, relationship, and group counseling. I have experience working with people who experience SPMI, personality disorders, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, and life transitions. I offer anti-oppressive and social justice oriented clinical supervision and consultation in English and Spanish.


Clinical supervision for Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy Associates

  • I offer online supervision to LPC and LMFT associates (PCAs & MFTAs) in the state of Oregon from a relational, systemic, and social justice approach. My main theoretical orientations are psychodynamic, systemic, liberation psychology, and ACT. Although I heavily rely on IFS, Gestalt, Jungian analysis, Decolonised Non-Violent Communication (DNVC), and Pedagogy of the Oppressed as well.

  • My focus is on helping you develop the self of the therapist so that you can learn to intersubjectively process your client interactions, your own reactions to your clients, and your choice of intervention in the moment.

  • Independently of the modalities and approaches you use, I value the importance of processing the relational component of therapy, the use of immediacy and appropriate self-disclosure in session as well as the self of the therapist. In other words, my focus is on helping you understand your relationship with your client and with yourself as a therapist.

  • As a therapist, I specialise in working with underrepresented and systemically marginalised populations on family of origin, setting boundaries, values clarification, self-compassion, self-care/community care, burnout, imposter syndrome, colonialism, intergenerational trauma, acculturation, racial identity, and micro/macro systems of oppression.


  • Read more about group supervision for prelicensed clinicians here.

  • I offer a 60-minute initial consultation free of charge to discuss how we could best work together.

Hut on a Hill

One-time or ongoing clinical consultation for licensed clinicians

  • I offer online clinical consultation to any licensed clinician working with clients who hold systemically marginalsed identities, in particular with BIPOC, multiracial, and/or Latinx/e/a/o clients using a relational, systemic, liberatory, and social justice lens.

  • I offer clinical consultation to any clinician (licensed or prelicensed) seeking to mindfully process the following: 

    • Power dynamics, vicarious trauma, and conflicts within their agencies or organisations.

    • Use of self, self-disclosure, transference/countertransference, intersubjectivity, and immediacy.

    • Implicit bias, unfiltered internal reactions, and preconceived notions.

    • Personal/professional boundaries.

    • Authentic self-care and community-care.

    • Transitioning from agency work to private practice work.

  • I provide clinical consultation to clinicians who want to incorporate anti-oppressive, liberatory, and decolonised practices in their work.

Image by Paul Talbot

Decolonised Small Group Coaching for Clinicians

Decolonize Your Practice is an 8-week program for mental health practitioners who want to incorporate anti-oppressive, decolonized, and liberatory values into their therapy practices.
Throughout this program a small group of like-minded clinicians will support each other in decolonizing their practices in the way that makes most sense to them.


Private practice mentorship and consulting

Practical support, mentorship, and consultation to develop your private practice from the ground up.

To get started, learn more here, email me at: or schedule a brief meeting below.

  • Learn how to build your insurance-based private practice on your own, or get side-by-side support every step of the way.

  • Figure out how to work with insurance companies: applying for each panel, checking benefits, submitting claims, OON, secondary insurance, opting out of panels.

  • ​Work with OHP and its CCOs (Single Case Agreements).

  • Keep up with documentation: The Golden Thread.

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