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Calm Sea


Experience A Healthier You In Community

Groups usually follow a weekly 90-minute format. Groups can provide emotional support, more education on a certain topic, or the space to process thoughts and feelings. Group therapy allows you to connect with others around a determined topic so you will find that you are not alone. A group is usually a microcosm mirroring the macrocosm that is the real world. In other words, a group will let you practice the skills and process the feelings that you may have not been able to do in everyday life. Groups are no easy endeavour, but they allow you to connect in a healthy way with those around you.

Before joining a group you will need to provide some information about your current challenges and interest in joining a group (screening process) to make sure the group can meet your needs. Please remember that a process group is not a substitute for individual psychotherapy.

Healthy Boundaries Group
This process group is for you if you struggle with setting boundaries with the people around you (friends, partners, coworkers, family) and if you have a strong inner critic always dictating your life. If you feel like your thoughts and moods are getting in the way of living a wholesome life, you are welcome to join us and learn how to have a different, healthier, more fulfilling relationship with others and with yourself.

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