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Working with insurance companies can feel scary. After all, most of us have heard stories of audits, clawbacks, claims being rejected, infinite paperwork, and so many more tasks that take time away from what we are passionate about, helping people.

For this reason, I provide 1:1 coaching for clinicians who want to learn how to work with insurance companies without feeling restricted in the treatment of their clients or boxed in by all of their requirements. This is a training for clinicians who want to improve their documentation and/or want to make sure they are complying with insurance requirements.

Through a series of 3 to 4 meetings (you choose how many, depending on the stage of your business) you will learn how to get panelled and credentialed with private and state insurance, how to check client's benefits, how to submit claims, get paid, and how to document your treatment according to insurance requirements.

And by the end of our meetings, you will learn how to continue building your practice on your own!

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OHP and private insurance overview:

  • How to get panelled with OHP.

  • How to get panelled with private insurance.

  • How to work with the different OHP CCOs.

  • Paperwork to submit.

  • Useful webpages and resources.

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Claims overview

  • How to submit claims.

  • How to enroll and use clearinghouses.

  • How to get paid.

  • Understand your Explanation of Payment, client's Co-payments and deductibles.

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Single Case Agreement overview

  • How to submit SCAs to your local CCO.

  • How to work with other CCOs and submit SCAs.

  • What to include with your SCAs, how often to send one, what to expect.

  • Understanding CPT codes, diagnosing, and using Evidence Based Practices.

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Documentation overview

  • Making sense of The Golden Thread.

  • Weaving through the Golden Thread: assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning using SMART goals, and writing progress notes using the SOAP and DAP models.

  • EHRs/EMRs.

"Silvana’s training has been invaluable beyond words! Silvana offers both training on insurance protocols and requirements as well as a nuanced perspective and approach to CYA. She also supported me in the anxiety and fear that comes with looming insurance audits. One invaluable skill that Silvana offered me was teaching me how to write out treatment interventions using 'insurance-speak' as well as how to improve the golden thread of documentation. Silvana's consultation has helped streamline my workflow, taking my stress level down."


If you would like to know more about these 1:1 meetings send me an email at the address below:

or fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon!

(541) 204-6545

Thanks for submitting!

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